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Are you interested in appealing your case?

Have you been convicted of a crime in New York, Tennessee, or Mississippi?  There is still hope!  Direct Appeals and Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief give you a second chance.  You could get a new trial or have your sentence reduced significantly.

Successful appeals and post-conviction petitions require diligent work and particular attention to detail.  Our attorneys have the experience, talent, and dedication necessary to handle complex appeals and post-convictions.  We will review every single page of the transcript of your trial with a fine-toothed comb to find the key issues which will entitle you to relief.

All of our briefs and petitions are initially drafted and reviewed by Attorney Rob Golder, who is a graduate of Cornell Law School, a former Law Clerk to the Honorable Paula Skahan in the Criminal Court of Shelby County, and a former Student Law Clerk to the Honorable Jonathan Feldman, Federal Magistrate in the Western District of New York.

Criminal Appeals

Criminal appeals typically challenge the legal rulings of the trial judge.  When the judge makes a serious error, you may be entitled to a reduction in jail time or a new trial.  You must file an appeal within 30 days of the final judgment in your case, or you may lose your right to appeal.


Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief attack the constitutionality of a verdict, usually by claiming that the trial attorney was ineffective.  You have until 1 year after your last appeal to file for post-conviction relief.

Our experienced attorneys will help you determine whether an appeal, post-conviction, or both is appropriate in your case.

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